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Creating beautiful large outdoor spaces takes time, planning and skill - luckily at Monarch, we have all of these. From the very start of a project, during the design consultation, it's important for us to learn your dream for the space, and what you will use it for.


We apply that insight throughout, creating technically challenging projects to the very highest standards. These projects require surveys, design, possibly structural engineers and a huge amount of skill & hard work. 

But the end results speak for themselves. 



A garden deck can be a fantastic addition to any garden.


You might want a small area just big enough for a bistro set, to enjoy an evening glass of wine on a warm summer's evening, or a large structure that can totally transform the look and use of a garden. 

Whatever your need, we'll help turn this into a vision that will help turn your garden into an extra 'room' and allow you to make full use of the space.


Something that we get very excited by!


The challenge of creating something small but perfectly formed is one that tests our ingenuity and creativity. 

Lots of people can get downhearted by having a small outdoor space but with some skill, knowledge and creative vision, these spaces can really be brought to life to create amazing spaces. 



Ponds and any kind of water really bring a garden to life. 

There is a special link between water and any garden. It's one of the essential building blocks of life and, not only can it bring sound and movement to a space, but it can also provide much needed support for wildlife in an ever changing and increasingly challenging world.

Whether it's embedding something pre-made into a design, or commissioning a bespoke design for your vision, we can help create a centrepiece that will take your breath away each time you step outside.


Hard landscaping is generally part of any garden. 

It creates essential year-round usable space, normally linking the property to the garden. This establishes an intrinsic connection between indoors and outdoors, making sure the garden becomes an extension of how you use your living space.

Now these can be just a few well-chosen tiles or vast terraces incorporating fire pits, planting schemes in raised planters and even garden buildings for entertaining. 

Charley - 210722-1002.JPG


Bounders are such an important part of a garden. 

Emphasis on this element is so commonly underrated but the selection, design, installation and maintenance of beautiful fencing and gates will enhance any garden. 

We are proud to be approved Jacksons Fencing Installers programme, and the products  we use carry the Jackson Fencing 25 year treatment guarantee. 


Monarch offers a range of wildflower meadow installations, catering to both discerning homeowners who want to offset some of their carbon footprint and businesses looking to reduce mowing costs while showcasing the beauty of summer blooms like poppies and cornflowers.


From tiny spaces to expansive rolling meadows, the possibilities are endless when it comes to wildflowers.

Image by Annie Spratt

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